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 I love Core Connection Pilates Studio! Crista is amazing, not only as an instructor but as a person! She definitely knows her stuff, keeps workouts unique and always has the studio clean. I never leave the studio without a smile on my face! Pilates was very new to me and in as little as 5 months, I lost 20 pounds going just 1-2x a week. I highly recommend!  -KH

I began taking Pilates in October 2014, and noticed almost immediate results.  After just a few months, many of my friends have noticd a difference in my appearance.  My energy levels have increased exponentially, and my clothes fit better.  My core strength has improved greatly.  A great thing about Pilates is that it can be tailored to fit one's individual fitness levels. My instructor, Ainsley, has done an outstanding job with matching my exercise plan to my fitness level for maximum results.  I look forward to many more classes with her! - SD

I commend Crista Conwell and Core Connection, for "keeping me moving" at age 84.  She works on and around all my problems.  For instance, I have COPD and she gives me time to "catch my breath" between the moves.  She works on strengthening  my weak areas.  I was having hip pain, and Pilates has made it completely dissappear.  I highly recommend Pilates and regret that I didn't start at a much younger age! - EC

I ablosutely love what my time at Core Connection has done for me.  I thought I was too old to try something new, but I was wrong and it has improved my health and range of movement.  I love my instructor Debra, who keeps me accountable.  Do something good for yourself and just get started! - MH

I wouldn't take a Pilates class from any other studio in town. The most knowledgeable instructors around. -JW

Awesome knowledgeable staff focused on improving their clients health and quality of life! -JC

Pilates classes have been a wonderful addition to my goal of becoming healthier.  I feel relaxed after classes and feel my core getting stronger - SL

Ainsley is an excellent Pilates instructor.  She always makes sure her students' form is correct and that they are not doing an exercise beyond their ability.  Her main concern is her student's health and safety. - TC

Pilates has become a necessity in my life! I have taken classes from Ainsley for two years now and I love the results.  Not only do  I feel better, but Pilates has made it possible for me to continue running without pain!  Pilates has helped me physically and emotionally.  Can't live without it! - TM

I began taking Pilates at Core Connection a year ago.  I had not participated in an instructed exercise session for many years and was filled with trepidation and fear of failure.  Ainsley became my instructor and assured me I could and would succeed.  I leave my sessions energized fit and healthy.  I highly recommend Ainsley and Core Connection to anyone interested in improving their mind, body, and spirit. - MH


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