What is Pilates? Pronounced (Puh-LA-tees)

pilates-what-isEvolved from techniques created byJoseph Pilates in the early 1900's in order to strengthen and lengthen muscles while integrating the mind and body. Pilates is an exercise-based system that aims to develop the body's "center" in order to create a stable core for all types of movement. Through a process of regular classes or private sessions, the body's structure realigns and a balance is achieved within the musclo-skeletal system. Eventually the body will move with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. Anyone of any age or fitness level can do Pilates. Using specially designed equipment, such as the Reformrer or Half-Cadillac/Tower, as well as mat/floor exercises, a 55-minute session is designed for you to help achieve your fitness goals. The following are a few of the benefits you can expect from participating in a Pilates program.

• Better balanced and proportioned body
• Increased flexibility, coordination and strength
• Improved posture
• Improved joint mobility
• Improved neuromuscular function (mind/body)
• Stronger core or abdominal muscles
• Reduction in stress and chronic fatigue
• Improved circulation
• Increased endurance
• Increased energy
• Good night's sleep

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